3 Best Sketchup ‘must have’ plugins for architects/architecture students


Google sketchup is certainly one of the most powerful softwares for architects/architecture students, not only for the tools offered by the software, but escpecially because any user of google sketchup can get easily free ressources like textures, libraries, and plugins.

In this post we picked up for you 3 Google Sketchup Plugins/add-ons that we consider the most powerful and must have for architects/Architecture students:

  1.  Soap Skin & Bubbles

If you love organic architecture, you want to make a great scultural projects, if you want to be the next ZAHA HADID,… This FREE Google Sketchup Plugin is made for you !!

This plugin allows you to easily apply a skin over an object just by drawings some lines and press the plugin .

You don t believe how easy it is? ok, just watch this Youtube Video made by the developper and you will know how easy you will make your next projects:


Another cool thing about this plugins is that you can see the surface being built in real time so you can change its shape in just few clicks.

So what you are waiting for ? just click here to download this Plugins !! It’ s totally free so all you have to do is try its power and than you can call yourself the next ZAHA HADID.

   2. s4u make face

How much time did you waste for your last projects while making faces in Google Sketchup after importing your CAD file ?

Imagine you can save all that time only by clicking some bottons and …… it s all done for you.

Exactly !!! This Plugin will do it for you. Only by one click you can transform your autocad imported lines to sketchup faces.

This Add-on is also free and you can download by clicking here.

It is a very easy to use and you can find many tutorials on how to use it on youtube for free. Here a good tutorial we found on youtube for this add-on:


    3.1001bit tools:

This Google Sketchup is probably the best sketchup add-on for architects and architecture students. If you never used this plugin and you are a sketchup user you will cry for the time it could saved you for your previous projects.

Imagine you can make all architectural elements such as windows/ doors/ roof structures/ stairs… only by one click. It s like replacing your sketchup interface into … archicad or revit or any other BIM softwares.

I can talk to you about this plugin for like 3 hours but the best way to discover it s power and cry for the time and effort you have waist before is by clicking Here to download it and try it by yourself. It’s really worthy and probably the best plugin made for architects and architecture students.

It s easy to use and you can find all the tutorials you need in youtube just by typing 1001bit tools on the youtube search engine.

Here a quick review of the power of this plugin:


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